Anger Management Group Program

The anger management program is a 6-week psycho-educational and interactive group program.

The anger management program will assist clients in recognizing the roots of their anger, raise awareness of the impact their anger has on their life and relationships, and provide emotional regulation through a variety of mindfulness practices.

The mindfulness component of the program will assist clients in emotional regulation through developing new skills, identifying destructive thought patterns, breaking unhealthy patterns of behavior, and increasing problem-solving skills.

Program Outcomes

  • Identification and acknowledgment of excessive anger as an issue
  • Acceptance of excessive anger as an issue
  • Strategies for dealing with anger in a constructive way
  • Techniques for dealing with anger in a constructive way
  • Methods of defusing confrontational situations with others
  • Methods of preventing such situations from escalating
  • Learning techniques for non-violent communication
  • Taking responsibility for one's behavior

Program Topics

  • Anger assessment and introduction to anger
  • Understanding anger
  • Anger triggers
  • Anger body cues
  • Effective communication and boundaries
  • Assertiveness, aggressiveness and passiveness in expressing anger
  • Anger interventions and applications
  • Coping skills
  • Final wrap-up and goal setting

Schedule and Fees

The program will run starting December for 6 weeks(one week off due to holidays) and will involve a group of 4-8 individuals. 

The fee for the group is $800. The group is eligible for court letters if these are necessary. 

EMAIL: to sign up.